Operation restarts in swat

Finally after much hue and cry raised by the entire countries moderate and civil structure as well as some timely concern shown by political parties the army has woken up and started an operation against the militants in the lower dir valley area of Swat.

This operation was started yesterday and immediately helicopter gunships and bombing missions through them have brought about some measure of success. So much for all the Taliban apologists who were claiming that “the force of change” cannot be routed.

The problem is that we as a nation neither want this change being forced upon us neither can we afford it in our precarious position in the international arena. The adverse result of which will be in full bloom if the Taliban ever take over. I daresay we would be invaded by Nato forces within the week to secure our nuclear weapons if a “takeover” threat ever materializes on solid evidence. Now one wonders if whether this is indeed the mission of these Talibs? Rather than “sharia imposition”. I say this as the source of financing and backing for these Talibs seems to be very dubious and maybe foreign.

The Taliban’s misadventure of a “preaching” mission in the buner sector and their various contradictory statements to the peace accord have in the least shown that even though their spokesman claims full backing, he has no idea of how to control the hordes currently under his sway, who want nothing short of an advance into other areas of Pakistan on their holy mission.

The government of Pakistan needs to realize this before it is too late. The army needs to route these invaders once and for all and it can, for their physical strength is limited to a few thousand. In fact a friend in khaki just told me last week that it is a matter of 2 battalions to take these people out of their misery. We as a people must also realize that once and for all we have to become united on this issue there is no middle ground here.

I wonder why they are being then negotiated with time and again? Have we not realized as a nation that this organization is like a hydra, talk peace with one head and the other suicide bombs you out of existance.

  1. It’s not that easy, my friend. You can’t just carpet bomb them and then expect them to stay under the carpet.

  2. I am glad that the military is taking action and I hope they wipe them out, but there is one thing I don’t understand is why does our government not put people like Muslim Khan behind bars for making threatening statements against the country. He is a spokes person of a banned political party, that is enough reason to lock him up and why does the bloody media print everything that come out of his mouth, why give him so much importance. Yeah, yeah freedom of free speech, blah, blah… but this freedom should be taken away from people who are the enemies of the country.

  3. I feel and I hope that I am wrong, that this operation was for the benefit of Gordan Brown the British PM visiting Pakistan. As soon as Brown announces new packages of aid to Pakistan Army the agencies and government will once again do some kind of “peace deal” with terrorists.

    If they were serious in controlling them they would have done so easily. As our agencies are the puppet masters of these “Talibans” they created them, trained them and sent them across the border. They know how tribal warriors work and they know exactly how to crush them.

  4. @ Nouman u may be right, but i think currently these guys are in no ones control but a tussle is going on for their control. Between our intelligence agencies and the foreign funding and directions they are getting.
    @ Terrance How will the govt lock him up?? he was locked up they let him go…the govt is trying to woo these guys into peace foreign forces are trying to woo them to take over..so that they can then have the ground to come in and take our nuclear arsenal.
    @ Yasir Still waiting for the grand solution then??? There is no other way my friend, carpet bombing might not work in the end someone will have to nuke these bastards

  5. I don’t think its foreign forces, I think we are playing both sides and we have gotten away playing both sides for decades, but now it has blown out of proportion, it’s a taste of our own medicine.

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