National bloggers conference

To all the Bloggers out there and the Bloggerettes and the Blaggers and the Blaggerrets, the 18th of April shall see us gather under the roof of Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi to unleash our collective might upon this land.

Hmm sounds skeery? Actually no its going to be a “National Bloggers Conference” where the IT ministry is doing the organizing (check the fancy digs people) and the bloggers of Pakistan will be meeting, discussing, gossiping(we are bloggers) informing and having some fun along the way.

Seating is limited so please sign up at the following link. Suggestions are welcome here and will be routed to the organizers.

By the looks of the speakers panel things will be pretty entertaining. The event shall start at 4pm on the 18th of April, please keep reading this space for further updates.

Hope to see you all there!!!!!

  1. “the 18th of December shall see us gather under the roof of Pearl Continental hotel Karachi”

    Correct the month please. Its April not December..

  2. Seems to me, they’re using it as a publicity stunt more than anything else. Anyway, hope it goes well for you guys.

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