My radio interview @ 107FM uk with Mike Graham

I had the opportunity to give an interview to Mike Graham of  Talk 107 FM in London, U.K this morning. He wanted to get an in depth analysis of the situation on the ground as far as the drone attacks are concerned vis a vi what the American foreign policy seems to be for the region and what change has Barack Obama brought in this regard. I thought I would share it with all my readers, so here goes.  My interview starts about 3 mins into this recording so if you would like to skip the ads to that part you can.

Should start by pressing play above for everyone, if it does not click the link below


Once again thanks a lot to Mike and his team there at 107 Fm for giving me this great opportunity to air my views, I look forward to speaking with you guys in the future as well!!

  1. Awesome job, Faisal! I completely agree that the U.S. needs to do more to reach out to Pakistan’s people and civil society.

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