Is this Shariah Law?

Still cannot describe what I feel when I see this video, a woman being publicly lashed in the northern areas of Pakistan. This is what we have reduced Islam to, this is what the government has handed people’s lives to?

All the women leaders in the assemblies of Pakistan upon seeing this should resign from their posts in protest, how can we even approach upon the subject of womens rights after wathcing this, this is utterly disgusting.

  1. This is ridiculous and who the heck said they are Muslims?? ask them I bet they don’t know who was Hazrat Muhammad PBUH…yes they dont coz they don’t know wht r Hadiths and why a Muslim have to not only believe on them but also act on them…they forced their so called shariyat and Hazrat Muhammad PBUH never ever forced anything to anyone….Hazart Muhammad fought about 80+ wars in his life and he did not forced any of his prisoner for converting into Islam…..these ppl are just a brainless (probably) Israeli agents whose main task is to destroy Islam’s image in the world..

  2. Bravo Talibans and their supporters Jamat e Islami, Hameed Gul, Ansar Abbasi and PTI you have done an outstanding job against Islam.

    Shame on You

  3. I hope Pakistan should be a bit civilized by rejecting this cruel, barbaric shariah law.

    Shariah law is nothing but a middle-age barbaric legacy.This is not relevant in the era.

  4. Hasan,

    what makes you an authority to judge who is muslim and who is not. They consider themselves as much Muslim as anyone else out there.

    When are we going to stop blaming Israel and USA for our own short comings. Islam is being destroyed more by Muslims than non muslims. It is easier to blame others!

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