I am speechless..

I cannot even begin to tell you how i feel after hearing the comments of this revered leader of the JI, I think these people are absolutely nuts and need to be barred from spreading their hate. Blaming the U.S for everything is hardly an answer to our problems, its part of the problem itself.

  1. It didn’t surprise me, JI was with USA in the Afghan war where the so called mujaheddins used Israeli weapons to shoot the Reds. What kind of hypocrites are these people that were the Ally of Yahood o Nasara in the past when it suited ’em and now conveniently blame them for every act of terrorism.

  2. These people are so shameless how could they say taliban were the best government. A good government provides jobs, education, and health services to its people. During the Taliban rule the schools were destroyed, women were stopped from getting education and health care, and the only job they offered to people was to join Taliban militia.

    Like Mr. Sabzwari said in the video these Jamat Islami people created the monster.

    They were a tiny bit reluctant to be that vocal about their Taliban links during Musharraf’s government. Now with democratic government and agencies playing their dirty games against people of Pakistan, they have no fear supporting Taliban, Al Qaeda, suicide bombers and anything else that helps them spread hatred violence and war. Jihad had been a great money maker for Agencies of Pakistan since the Afghan war. They just cant let it go.

  3. America’s biggest mistake was supporting the mujaheddins fight and defeat Russia, sure they had their own motives. If Russia had taken over Afghanistan, then they would have walked into Pakistan and then they would have ruthlessly taken care of any Islamic rising…

  4. Munawwar is screaming because they facilitate the illegal birth of Taaaaaleeebaaan on the alms of US.

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