1. Sort of like stating the obvious. But they are also to be blamed for the mess that is Iraq now, not to mention the infiltration of Taliban into Pakistan through their invasion of Afghanistan

  2. yes yes….but what is the point …they have always used and abused pakistan..in cohoot with pakistani..leadership and establishment…last chance for pakistani establishment …leave pakistan to the pakistani`s .stop singing songs for ur western masters…for once ,be a pakistani…after all…we all r just visiters here on this 3rd rock from the sun…

  3. How cruel is time . . . it makes you pay in such a cruel manner


    USA has to pay the price for creating wahabi brand of ISLAM in AFPAK
    Pakistan has to pay the price for turning a moderate country into TALIBAN heaven
    MUSH paid the price for his “own group” creating IJI in 90s
    PPP paid the price for allowing creation of TALIBAN state in Afghanistan through NASEERULLAH BABAR
    Punjabi establishment is now paying the price for creating an ethnic based party in KHI
    Saddam paying the price for being an AMERICAN puppet in 80s

    and so the list goes on

  4. Does it undo anything they have done? … May be they are starting a new campaign to get into the new “negotiation mode”. OR attempting to neutralize the anger among the Pakistanis?

    May Allah save us and our families.

  5. @ Zaigham It certainly does not change anything for us but it will change a few things in the way Americans perceive us? That counts a lot these days since we are reliant on their scraps to keep our country going.

    @MB insightful your argument…mistakes coming back to haunt people lol

    @ Dr Sohail Khan Singing songs for my American masters??? I hope that is not directed at me? I am a Pakistani through and through or I would not be here..slaving it out.

  6. Reagan was a republican, Clinton is a democrat… Sure she is being honest from the bottom of her heart, REALLY…. Anyways you get the point… they are all politicians first, it is cut throat competition.

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