Fake video or not?

Merely a day after the entire civil society and intelligentsia of Pakistan seemingly erupted over the shocking footage of a 17 year old Chand bibi being flogged by militants, she has come out and denied the whole thing ever happened.

According to the story that was broken first in “The News” the investigation team visited Chand bibi’s village and spoke to her, she is married to one Adalat Khan and claims there was no such incident. She has though refused to appear before the supreme court citing her hijab and modesty as a reason. Her husband has agreed to appear on her behalf.

Sounds fishy? hell yes, because rather that going by her testimony alone we have actual video footage of her, which can be examined if needed by graphics experts available in pakistan to judge whether any of the frames have been tampered with, or voice analysis which can be carried out in perhaps a day in the top research labs anywhere in the world with a voice sample from her and one of the screaming girl in the video.

The government should indeed follow either of the above strategies or force her to give testimony even if it is in an enclosed room with no other men but the judges present. The nation needs to know the truth here, because right now people are just spreading rumors like mad and this is not good at all.

If this is fake then the channels which aired this video should be tried for slander and punished by a court of law. I personally do not think the video is a fake one but the nation needs proof and it needs it now. People are getting sick of all the head games being played on our mainstream media and need a clear picture. As for all the Taliban apologists out there, no israel did not make this video even if you think so, and even if Chand bibi claims it is fake the other countless atrocities being carried out by these militants are enough for them to be publicly nailed to a cross.  Does anyone seriously think these people are innocent? If they do I would like to have a little of what they are sipping.. please I need escape too.

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  1. I really doubt it’s fake. I think she was pressured to deny that it happened because of all the hoopla it’s creating.

    One story I read is the Taliban is calling it fictional or “taped so long ago that it is now invalid.” I’m sorry – what? If something occurred a year ago or yesterday it is still pretty damn serious.

  2. The woman being flogged was in a burka, so who know that the woman being interviewed now is the same. Anyways do share with me what they are sipping I could use some escape too.

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