The people have spoken

Today is a great day for this country, a defining moment. It is great not just because the Chief Justice has been restored to his rightful place, not because the leaders have finally seen sense. It is a great moment because the people of Pakistan all got together yesterday and showed their leaders that they will be held accountable fo their mistakes. It is glorious because the democracy that our leaders keep talking about was in full flow yesterday as the public demanded and their wishes were fulfilled, they had but one voice and one cause and all the containers blocking them, the police baton charging and tear gassing them and the barbed wires in their way were destroyed in front of the power of the people of this great land.

This is a moment to celebrate, definitely and it is quite obvious with the jubilation on peoples faces that we will remember this for a long time to come, now that we as a nation have realized our true power we should also understand that restoring the judiciary was the first battlefront. There are many more battles still to be fought and won before we can truly get our country back on track. I hope that from here on we will forge light from the darkness that surrounds us with the determination of our unity. I wish to congratulate all of Pakistan for this movement and its suitable end, the lawyers, civil society, political workers, politicians like Sherry Rehman, Raza Rabbani & Safdar Abbasi who resigned for this cause and the leaders of the long march like Ali Ahmed Kurd, Munir A Malik etc.

Long live the people of Pakistan and long live Pakistan.

  1. hain?

    Since when you became a supporter of movement for restoration of democracy?

    Congratulate leaders of long march like Nawaz Shariff, boy you sure as hell changed your tune.

  2. I have not congratulated Nawaz sharif, you are regarding him as a leader of the long march.. i meant people like Ali Ahmed Kurd, Munir A Malik etc not the Sharif’s we all know what the Sharifs represent.

    Quick to judge aren’t you? Let me specify this in my post so others do not follow your tune. I am not a supporter of this movement either but what they have achieved cannot be denied can it? Not supporting someone does not mean you go blind to their achievements as well?

  3. FK you must commend the sharifs also cuz if nawaz sharif hadnt left his home eysterday, teh crowds would not have swelled so much especially in lahore and muzang chungi area….

    i dont support the sharifs..
    yetserdays event will surely wipe some pessimism away hopefully but i agree this is only the beginning… we need more and more walks like this as too many issues

    however i still dont believe democracy in this format is right for pakistan

  4. I agree with Tayyab above. As Babar Sattar said, the lawyers movement is a political movement but a non-partisan one. Adding NS to the mix only increased crowd support and helped to apply the pressure.

  5. Well I have received some info regarding the sharifs and that is why I will ot commend them. Apparently they gave away something very important on the bargaining table and thus the jiala judges cannot be kicked out. With them in the lower courts the cjp is powerless I hope this is not true.

  6. i for one dont like the sharifs or any other politician.. in fact my piece shows the irony of the attackers of supreme courts i.e. sharifs defending the judge.. however one must give credit where its due and NS was a crowd puller yesterday.. maybe it was cuz of his new stylo look after da hair transplant!! 🙂

  7. I don’t know about the new look but it seems now that the magical parting of the police cordon in front of his “coming out” was not by his sheer magnitude but a well crafted setup job. I think the time is not far when we might find out something that will ruin all this ecstasy.

  8. Sorry to bust your bubble. Well Nawaz Sharif leaves his home when he was under house arrest also sheds light on there is no respect for the Law in our country. Next time anyone with support of a few people under house arrest would leave home or walk out of prison, that is Nawaz Sharif did it so why can’t I. Anyways… Seems like a very Bollywoodish ishtyle

    Also it is a power play one thief trying to out smart the other. Zardari plays his power by bringing Governor rule in Punjab. Nawaz Sharif picks up on the momentum set by the lawyers pretending to make their cause his cause and plays one up on Zardari. With the hatred in the hearts of people for Zardari it wasn’t a huge effort to get public support. So the score is Sharif brothers 1 and Zardari 0.

  9. What ever the speculations, this is a possible turning point we all must capitalize upon. Zardari is not the one to give up too easily and he will try his best to save his ass. Yet I believe this is a lesson in people’s real power and what it can achieve and we should not look back from now on.

  10. Actually to me Terry the score is
    Sharifs 1
    Lawyers 0
    Zardari 0
    PPP -350,000 angry marchers

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