Seige at Manawan, Lahore

Another day dawns in Pakistan with a new attack on our country and people. This time the target is in Eastern Pakistan, a Police academy outside Lahore situated on the way to the Wagah India/Pak border.

According to unconfirmed reports the attackers were dressed in police uniforms and broke in with automatic weaponry and hand grenades at the morning parade time, 25 people are confirmed dead, over a 100 injured and there are more than 400 trainee police officers still inside. Reports indicate up to 25 attackers holed up in and out side the building and a battle is raging between them and special forces units which have surrounded the area.

The lapse in security here seems to be even more severe than the one in central Lahore where Srilanka’s cricket team was attacked as the militants seem to be getting more and more brazen with each passing day.

There are also unconfirmed reports of one of the attackers taken into custody.

What is imperative at this moment is for the nation to find out just who it is that is attacking us in this manner again and again. The similarities to the last attack with backpacks and the proximity to India’s border cannot be ruled out. We need to capture more than one of these militants and then expose the true face of this terror before the world.

We must take any and all measures neccesary to defend our country from this menace or remain resigned to our fate of becoming another Iraq soon. this includes holding people responsible inside our government for these lapses of security and lack of strategy. The fables of the war to come are seemingly void as the enemy is now at our doorstep.

  1. Faisal,

    I agree that these are moments we as citizens need to seize to prevent further attacks. But how do we turn our initial indignation following these attacks into decisive political action? Not just petitions but tangible steps reminiscent of the Long March. Do you think that could realistically happen?

  2. Yes Kalsoom we can do it, frankly it will take a few of us to start being telltales whenever we see any suspicious activity and report it to at least the CPLC. I know it sounds discriminatory but the next time we see a few people from a certain ethnic background going in and out of a say house for hire or gathering somewhere.. we might wanna raise an alarm. We could also demand the government to let us form neighborhood watches to help us monitor our turfs togather. In short we have to help the state there is no other way out here its us or them.

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