Celebrating woman’s day

Woman’s day is coming up here in Karachi and there are several events taking place for this occasion.  Yes not all of us Pakis are the chain them veil them smack them type folks. Specially not a lot of Karachites who not only appreciate but try to empower females by their social activities.  One such organization is Soch who according to the the words of their CEO Kiran Nazish are

“Celebrating womens day is just to give women a chance to talk about themselves and to listen to other stories of wisdom and emotions.
Women are builders of society. They lead they grow and they groom the society.
They build homes and communities and mark a difference between a good society and bad.
We are celebrating the legacy of womanhood. Their strengths, their weaknesses, their charm, their wisdom, their naive .
Their Aura.
Celebrating Womanhood!!!:)”
Times and venue are listed below, lets all get together to give our femme fatales some support on this day eh? I have heard Jamash is taking free portraits there 😛
Venue : The Second Floor
Address : Axcat Office Road, Karachi
Time : 3pm to 6pm
Date: Sunday Mar 08

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