A letter to Sri lanka’s cricket team

As I write this you have arrived back in your country and doubtless are very relieved at being able to see your family and be with them, to go back to a life which you know is much more valuable now that it was almost taken away.

I cannot tell you how sorry I feel as a fan of Pakistan’s cricket and as a cricket lover in regards to what happened to you guys over here in Lahore. Perhaps the world will forever cease to regard Pakistan as a sporting nation or perhaps our name in the annals of cricket’s history will die in this sad & tragic way.
No matter what happens, we the citizens of Pakistan now owe you a debt, because even though Chris Broad’s screams of indignation still sound throughout any airwaves he can broadcast on your captain and your team have refused to criticize Pakistan for what happened.

Maybe it is because you have grown up like us in a nation fraught with violence and turmoil and like your captain said in his interview become used to such things.

However we as a nation are not used to people being this gracious, this dignified and this largehearted when faced with the many smears we now have on our spirit and name. Thus I wish to salute you and thank you for what you have shown us in these days. No matter how many cups you win or lose you will never be replaced in our hearts as true champions from now on!!

with profound appreciation


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