The saudi lingerie affair

Few can do weird like the Saudi’s can and this new saga is just another addition to their weirdness. An uproar is now in affect in this nation of god because women have started a campaign to ban “male sales clerks” in lingerie stores all across Saudi Arabia.

The campaign is not the funny bit however, but that fact that lingerie counters in Saudi Arabia are staffed with “only” Arab men and there are no changing rooms but the ladies have to either try their purchases on at home or head to the nearest public toilet. The fact that this system is still in place is absolutely crazy. It is totally unnatural for a woman of any race to be completely comfortable in buying such intimate apparel from males, can you think of the sales pitch?

How can a country which claims to protect its women folk behind the veil and laws of Islam allow the same women to be humiliated by sales clerks and put in an extremely awkward situation when buying the most intimate of apparel?

It sure sucks to be a woman in Saudi Arabia it seems. Still it is heartning to see that they are fighting it, and are using social networking sites to get together on this issue. Wonder if Saudi men have waiting lists for these jobs?

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  2. Well, what to say about this article?
    It’s awkward.

    u don’t even know geographical n historical realities of that region, & ur saying that u r writer/blogger/entrepreneur. Hey Bud! if u just read it n posted it then it’s not ur fault otherwise u seem to be a silly person!
    >Due to their Islamic traditions women r not allowed public jobs. n what goes wrong if a man ‘checks in’ at the counter, here in pakistan we see men at garment stores (shops) ‘checking in’ at the counter for all ladies clothes including lingeries.
    If Stephanie Hancock had gone to other countries of the world (incl. Muslim countries), she would have found men selling ladies under-garments! According to me, such type of people like ”Stephanie” critisize too much about the things they dislike, even if there is nothing to critisize about. Western media is filled up with hate against Islam n people r making irrelevant stories out of no-where, n on our side we don’t have the intellectuals to fire back. Infact our dumb reporters gather there opinions n post them!!
    Come on MAN, wake up!!!

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