Peace at enormous cost

Peace had been declared in Swat at the expense of the writ of our state. Let me elaborate, the militants of Swat have just declared a 10 day ceasefire in their region in which they have fought the Pakistan army to a standstill and have agreed to this ceasefire on the assurance from the Pakistan Government that Shariah will now be the law of the land in Swat.

So what have we gained from this ceasefire? Stoppage of the bloodshed I guess and the return of Swat to perhaps a peaceful state.  However we have also left the implementation of this shariah law in the hands of people who may chose to do with it as they want. As in using it for practices like forced nikahs, stopping the movement of goods stopping women from going out, killing people without a beard etc etc

Thus in short the government of Pakistan has abandoned Swat to the wolves, and our esteemed politicians are more than happy crowing about the saving of lives and what not, going on about their bandwagon long march with no goal in sight.

How about if all the parties got together and march to swat to show solidarity with the people of that region, but why would they do that? What moolah can be made in Swat eh??? So who cares about it?? Lets see if we adopt the same stance when they come down to Isloo To me the scoreline now reads.

Taliban 1

Pakistan 0

  1. whats so bad with Sharia’ah law? Why are we so afraid of it? Is it because it wil be used in a manipulated way…? I dont know…how about trusting it once….just once? We have given everything else a chance right? Dictatorship, Democracy…u name it…we have tried them as well as all their distorted versions…

    Why not give this one a chance also…?

  2. already argued for this utp

    its in my post democracy and Islam…do they fit

    The real threat is what these people “The Taliban” do with Shariah and how they implement it.

  3. to quote mohd hanif quoting marvi memon on Dawn’s live blogging session, we already have a constitution which clearly states that no law will be against the religion. Shariat through proper courts would have been palatable, shariat through maulvi courts …
    I wish people like UTP start living under the maulvis’laws …

    its so easy to advocate it for the tribals, but its a different ball game when they stop your daughter from going to school

  4. I wonder if the Talibs can get their system approved can we start another system here in Karachi and get it ratified as a parallel court as well? I mean what if a band of people got together nd said ok.. Karachi is strictly buddhist from now on lol.. we we kill you

  5. Its their version of Islam which is the scary bit isn’t it? You’re letting the same people make the laws who do not think girls should go to schools. WTH!

  6. the problem i have is that we blame the shariah and condemn it.. agreed the talibans version is distorted to an extent but shariah in its essence is great as a system!!!… what i find hypocritical is that the same people who condemn this wrong implementation still continue to espouse the greatness of western notions of democracy which have proven to have failed completely in developing nations like pakistan… still the slogans go on that lets give democracy a chance… why give it a chance when all it has done is give rise to extremism and talibanisation…. all this extremism and talibanization is a product of the misrule and myopic policies of our so called democrats…. what we condemn today as distorted version of shariah is a product and result of the wrong policies of democrats….

    its time to decide what we stand for and come out of our shell and learn to forge our own identity instead of succumbing to adaptation of alien and foreign concepts of democracy and liberation!!!

  7. Good post. I really do think the ANP government has been so ineffective in governing the region that it’s really been a tragedy. “Brokering a peace deal”? More like giving up on Swat altogether. It’s a very sad development.

  8. @ TAYYAB

    “all this extremism and talibanization is a product of the misrule and myopic policies of our so called democrats”

    please read up your history. the taliban and just about every extremist outfit in pakistan were spawned by the military. they are not democrats.

    thank you.

  9. There is a difference between military and intelligence agencies.. taliban was created by intelligence agencies but the policies of our so called democrats perpetrated the taliban rule or misrule… if our so called puppet democrats had wanted, they could have disassociated themselves from these taliban oriented policies but unfortunately they lacked the guts to do anything of this sort!!!.. so much for democracy and all its shenanigans which have and are leading this country towards more and more disasters!!!

  10. Aoa! there is a gr8 misconception about the origin of Talbans n how they reached our Tribal areas , well just to give a little insight about the story, talban surfaced back in 1994 in afghanistan almost 5 years after the disintegration of USSR ,led by Mullah Umer a group of students from afghanistan decided to end the chaos ruling the nation and therefore they quickly gained popularity among the masses , they mainly comprised of the Jihadi leaders n students affiliated to various Madressahs,Arabs n people from uzbikistan, Kazikistan etc were also a part of Talban , they have left their native land to participate in the Afghan war, n after the war most of the foreign Jihadis decided to n were accomodated by the then government of Pakistan to dwell in the Northern Areas,so they have been living there for quite some time now. The trouble started when X-president Mush decided to go against the desires of his countrymen n dragged whole nation into the war led by USA, Pak Army first entered the scenario in 2004 by attackink Waziristan in 2004,with the passage of time n continous operation by army n uncondemned drone attacks by USA,hatred grew among the people as they retaliated in 2005 by attacking Pak armi in FATA n n they started joining the resistance against the USA led War against Terrorism under the command of Afghan Jihad commanders. India n Israel has used this situation to their own benefit by infiltrating the Talban groups n provoking the local people to join Talban , causing hatred against their very own country, consequently it has reached to such an extent that neither Pak Army nor the Tribal warlords or Talbans to be more specific; are willing to tolerate eachother n this has resulted in the 3rd Swat operation,

  11. Besides i firmly believe that Nizam-e-Adl is no problem to the peace of Valley n the government must give it a try; atleast it sounds much better then our prevailing system

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