Slumdog millionaire

Winner of four golden globes, based in the sub continent, music by A.R Rehman, acting by Irfan Khan. Just one of the above four should be reason enough to watch this flick and so I did. The direction, production and music were great, the story? not so great. I really fail to understand why people fall for movies that stretch the imagination so far. Well let me explain. The entire movie is about how a chaiwalla from a juhu slum becomes the winner of 20 million Indian rupees by answering each question on the show “Who wants to be a millionare” How does he do that? Oh.. simple every question asked of him is coincedentally linked to some part of his life which is shown as flash backs. Nice touch, but too many holes in the story.

If 5 out of the 10 major mishaps that happen to the hero Jamal happened to someone in real life they would not be able to even walk, let alone answer questions worth so much on the table without blinking an eye.  Still its a great watch, but I guess for someone who is less of a cynic than I am.

Side note : Someone forgot to teach Anil Kapoor how to deliver dialogues in English in an English movie. he sounds like a bad copy of Amitabh doing the show. The rickshawalla speaks more natural English than he does.

My take : 7.5/10

Update : SD has now won the top film price from hollywood producers, typically the winner of this award goes on to make mucho noise at the oscars… I still maintain my ranking 🙂

  1. Oh chill yaar…it was one of the better movies of the current time…see and it will win some oscars too…just you see…

  2. I liked the movie, but yes I had set higher standards. Westerners liked it because it had happy ending and a bigger than life story. We have seen that the same in Bollywood, only this time there was no item numbers and better direction =D All cheers to Danny Boyle.

    Ah about the accent I found it quite irritating. Either it was an extremely illegible Indian accent or an extremely put on western accent. Could have been better.
    Music – Nothing compared to Roja or Bombay. THose were Rahman’s best!

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