Moobs anyone?

I have the funniest news for you lot, seem that men with cases of moobs are increasing every year. Moobs are basically man boobs or man breasts which are a result of either fat in the breast area of men, or a peculiar condition called Klinefelter’s Syndrome – having an extra “X” chromosome – also account for some cases, and there are a rising number of men suffering from excessive breast tissue as a side effect of drugs prescribed for prostate cancer.

How do we know all this? Well simply because men cannot stay silent and *sob* suffer any longer than they have, the increase in the number of men getting “Breast reduction sugery” seems to have gone up astronomically with time. I.E 323 performed in the uk alone in 08 which is a full 44% increase from 07.

Scarily seen around club swimming pools and occasions where elder men have to take their shirts off moobs are part and parcel of every culture and bring universal disgust. I think part of the problem may be due to the constant emphasis on the male anatomy by the media who pressure all of us to be barrel chested, 6 packed and ready for a gladiator fight every day of our sad man lives.

If the women of the world read this, I doubt they can be the only claimants to boob victomology syndrome anymore. I wonder whats next? I will be having serious issues if they open a victoria secrets store for men now. Makes me think of a Sienfeld episode that went something like this

Seinfeld, 1995. George is upset after seeing his dad’s moobs
Jerry: So what? A lot of older men have that
Kramer: No, not these. These were real hooters.
George: I was throwing up all night. It was like my own personal Crying Game.
Kramer: Well, maybe you’re gonna get ’em too, George.
George: Yeah, that’s right. What if it’s a genetic thing, like father like son?
  1. This problem has its roots in Urdu poetry – I can now recall what is Mah-boob. You see, Mah-booba” is a legitimate carrier of boobs but Mah-boob is just Mah…
    Thanks for posting – it answered a very enigmatic question.

  2. Read it on BBC yesterday but yes, its funny how man-boos get so much attention nowadays. We already had nicknames for people in our class for having moobs 🙂

  3. woah
    *eyes widen*
    *falls of chair with laughter*
    i had a teacher who had really big moobs and to make it worse, his shirts were 5 sizes too small for him. it was a common known fact that even if he wore a bra , it wouldn’t make much of a difference…


    doooooooooooood! where do YOU get this stuff

    … hahaha .. .im NEVER gonna tell you to “grow a pair”

  5. This is goddam funny when the occupant of the boobs is a guy who eats too much chocolate… Unfortunatly this is also suffered by people who dont have a choice suffering from Klinefelter’s Syndrome, ill think twice before laughing at moobs in future.

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