Its cold, almost too cold today in Karachi, its the 8th of muharram and already they have started sealing off the roads for the processions that will take place on the 9th and the 10th in which thousands of members of the Shi’ite community will wear black clothes and mourn.

I could not help but wonder as i drove to work today as to why we as a people do not have any festivals of celebration. This is not a rant against Shi’ites, they are welcome to carry on their religious traditions. On the whole though just think for a moment as to how many festivals of happiness Pakistan has.

We used to have basant but we banned that as well because of the deaths resulting from acid sharp threads used by kite fliers to cut each others kits with. What else do we have? nothing at all. No festival of lights or Karachi months or any other cities months for any reason.

Is this because as a nation we are depressed? Don’t depressed people have the most need to get out and celebrate to alleviate their suffering? When are we going to all get together and just have fun. Do we not need joy? I don’t think i am the only person feeling this as our international image also seems to be of a bearded masculine ultra radical type with no fun intended.

The book fair held recently was proof enough with the throngs attending that the people of Karachi want to have fun. I went their with my daughter who I am ecstatic to say loves books as much as I do and we marveled not only at the thousands of books being sold at good prices but the amount of people their on a Sunday afternoon. It was jam packed man and loads of fun. I even got a few tips from an old sort about an obscure english author and I must say he was spot on!!

My day is going alright though as I have just completed and sent in two articles one for “TGK” and another for “Ink magazine” and to add to its mirth was the conversation I just had with one of my Chinese suppliers. Come to think of it the Chinese always seem to be happy about something..hmmmm

Supplier: So why are you guys closed?

F.K Its the death anniversary of our prophets grandson tommorow…

Supplier: When did he die?

F.K: About 1400 years ago….

Supplier : So you guys just got the news? cable/email  service must be still out eh?

So here is to anyone who wishes to be happy and to churning out words like a machine 🙂

  1. A depressed nation may need its celebrations, but does it want them? I know that here in Britain, Christmas 2008 was a seriously muted affair.

  2. I think its not just Pakistan or England the whole world is depressed… we need a year of free everything to make up for it

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