Winter Weddings – what ever!

Hello Hello!

I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical lately, partially cause inspiration hasn’t struck recently… but mostly because winter-weddings have been taking up most of my time!

I mean we’re talking 8-10 weddings a week – and you’re expected to be at all three weddings on the same night- this includes eating greasy food AND desert! 🙁 However, coupled with past experience, new marriage disaster stories have fueled my distate for this ceremony and its superficiality. Read about it here:

Marriage is for Silly People

So,todays joke that tickled my amusement was :

“Marriages break so fast these days that wedding photographers are using poloroid cameras”.

Thank God wedding season is coming to an end! Amen!

  1. tell me about it…thank God somebody else feels the same…way…people actually enjoy seeing the same faces again and again and smiling…that artificial smile if you know what I mean…

  2. i knowwwwwwww
    its HORRIBLE!!
    and u cant repeat ur wedding clothes
    and u have to do all this make up and shitty business
    and wear shoes that BITE! ughhh!

    how many have u attended umar

  3. I have attended so many i have lost count…. sometimes three events in one night… sick sick.. in the head and stomach.. from all the waste and the formalities

  4. haha ..i think this is the first time in my life i’ll ever say this…


    all this madness is overrr
    for two months at least..

    but now majlis madness is starting…nahiiiiiiiiin

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