I do not often review movies and for a good reason, its not often that i like or hate one enough to write about them. However this little gem is quite worth the hour and a half you would spend on it.

Traitor is the story of an American special forces op shifting to the other side of the global war going on these days. By other side I mean Al Qaeda here. He works his magic for the forces of evil across the globe and stops at nothing to wreak havoc in the name of Islam.

Sounds familiar? Wait is that not Osama’s story too? Yep that’s pretty much it, but Traitor has quite a few hearty twists in it to keep you riveted till the end of the movie. the fact that Samir’s charecter is constantly at flux in his loyalties and the excellent picturization of the mindset is facinating. The creepiest part for me was the ease with which Samir Horn the character portrayed by Don Cheadle moves across continents from safe house to safe house in his attempt to inflict as much damage on the forces of pax Americana as he can. The heartiest part was the Cia operative Pearce Claytons understanding of Samir’s motives and methods in tracking him. Basically this movie will break quite a few prejudices for the watcher on both sides of the divide.

8/10 stars for me. A must watch!!

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