Stocking stuffers

Winter 08 has arrived here in Karachi in its full and frigid fury. The roads are deserted after about 6pm and thats a big deal here, this city hardly sleeps..even in these times. With the winter however has arrived more bad news in the form of Opec leaders just announcing records production cuts to cause an artificial shortage and drive oil prices up again which are rolling around 39USd these days.

Someone explain to me why the world has to pay through their noses for the largess lifestyles of these sheik’s again? Price were at around USD 45 a barrel before the hike started and they went up to 145, which I might add for an ordinary income guy like me was brutal every time I had to fill up. So why the big hulaboo when they are back down to where they started from? Its really sad to see that these sheikhs can just sit around in plush chairs and decide on “making us all pay more, just because they want to” I say we make a new years resolution to find some kinda alternate fuel in 2009, enough is bloody enough!! I also hope crown prince Abdullah gets gas every time i have to pay more for it!!

Some good news has finally arrived, no the militants of Mumbai were not Indians, sorry to disappoint folks they seem more like okararians these days than anything else. The good news is though that Britian has just announced a total pullout of all british troops before end july 2009, which sort of coincides with the pullout of all foreign banks from Pakistan as well. Hmmm so were we under occupation as well? albeit of a different kind?

Anyways I think if we can all find some time out from our pistachio chewing, akhrot eating, chilgoza snuffing lifestyles we should say a little prayer for a brave mother of three who gave up her life last year on Dec 27th to make contact with the people she loved. No matter what her faults were, none of us can forget the fact that she was the last great leader this nation produced. May she find peace with her maker, amen!

  1. How could I forgive her whatever my clan, political party thinks of her!!!!

    She along with Nawaz Sharif murdered our brothers & sisters and publicly called Mohajirs – “rats”…She will rot in grave and hell…!!!!!

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