At first when i saw this pic I thought someone had photo shopped it to present a conspiracy theory. However I have checked up on this via the same pic being on BBC and AFP and zoomed in to confirm that this is actually a saffron armband being worn by the Militant who has been captured by the Indian authorities.

Perhaps he wore it to throw people off the track as this is an accessory worn by Hindu Nationalists or radical Hindus (the shiv sena type) but it is kind of weird that a Muslim militant is wearing a red/saffron wrist band don’t you think? That is if Azam is a Muslim militant at all….

  1. cani state the obvious here….?
    theres only way to find out if he is a muslim or not….pull his pants down!!!!!

  2. the kalava is also worn by shias and barelvis. last time i checked they were not hindu fanatics. but if you need further proof, shoaib akhtar also regularly wore one. fanatic he may be, not sure if he has a religion…

  3. @Faisal. K

    no man… you said that at another blog as well… the saffron color is actually a red and yellow band, which of course from a distance would appear to be orange.

    i am the first to admit that wearing a kalava doesn’t provide smoking gun evidence either way. doesn’t say if the guy is hindu, shia, sunni, wahabi, jamaati etc.

    but lets put aside who thinks we did it and who thinks we didn’t. for all our self righteous anger, if an act by anyone in pakistan implicates all of us, then we as a nation have many sins to pay for.

    a mass rape and murder of our own people in ’71 is but one example. i don’t care if the indians think we did it or not – the chips are stacked against us as it is. but we will never have the strength to fight back until we can be honest about who we are, what we did and learn to somehow make amends for our sins.

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