New Year cometh

Around this time of the year I happen to get very moody and mopey, no its not because Christmas is here and I do not get to celebrate it, I do wish all those who are a very merry one!

Its because the last week of December marks the end of the year and the start of a new one accompanied with my ever so dreaded birthday which is unfortunately on the 1st of Jan.

I know, it should be fabulous right? being born on the first day of the year, the world celebrating, free fireworks huraaah!!! Its not though, as every year I feel older and older and it seems to be taking a bit of a toll on me recently.

Not that I regret anything in my past years or to put it boldly anything in my life, but somehow I cannot understand how I used to stay up for three nights in a row in college or go on so many crazy binges of so many crazy things and emerge grades in hand and still beaming like a chipmunk for more.

These days if I miss a night of good sleep I have the most horrible day following it, not that I do not make my usual attempts at pushing the limits but lets just say the limits have gotten a bit more errm soft.

Its called settling for things and we do it more and more as years go on by, we do not need to though but we do settle for a bit of flab a bit of excess a bit more sleep, a bit less anxiety taken, a bit less enthusiasm and a bit less adventure do we not? Contentment sets in somewhere around 32 and god knows how long it stays till, I’m guessing till one can maintain some semblance of sanity? Which for a paranoid person like me should be around borderline 40’s.

Sigh… sometimes I pine for the days of my innocence, no matter what my friends think I was bloody innocent once. That’s all gone though is it not? Somewhere deep inside me though I still feel the tug of a sunny day spent doing nothing, no responsibility, no cares, just fun fun and fun.

Still 2008 has been a great year for me, I started writing again, I struggled through quite a lot in my work and my 2nd child my son Shehryar was born. Perhaps the old dawg’s still got some new tricks or at least a remixed rehash of the old ones to keep the world at bay 🙂

So here is me tail and all wishing everyone a Happpy New Year a Joyous Xmas and a great 2009 full of memories, moments and magic.

If someone sends any Birthday cards they shall be burnt!

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  1. Honestly, Faisal… you sound like a geriatric! Settle for nothing you wouldn’t have done when you were 10 years younger. Age is nothing but a state of mind.

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