I wish the intelligence had been different

Not many months to go now before Dubya walks out of the white house and ends perhaps the most hilarious and disasterous term of a U.S president ever. Everything that could go wrong did on his watch and only time will tell if the new “hope” has any chance of solving the problems left behind for it.

Not surprisingly with approval ratings at their lowest George Bush junior has now decided to air his views about the Iraqi debacle the U.S engaged in on his administrations behest. In a recent interview given to ABC he said “The biggest regret of all the presidency has to have been the intelligence failure in Iraq.”

He added: “I wish the intelligence had been different.” Which in laymans terms means i wish we had never gone to war with Iraq. Was the intelligence at fault though? Or was it carefully concocted to pull wool over the worlds eyes and make everyone toe the american line on the war on terror.

I guess those secrets we shall never know, but we must give dubya some credit for accepting his and his governments biggest folly. Now if he could just bring back to life the millions killed, rebuild Iraq to what it was before the invasion and give life to the thousands of dead allied troops who do not even to this day know who they are fighting and what they are fighting for we can all forgive him.

If he cannot do all that, then i have a wish also. I wish he hears the screams of the millions his war machine killed every night in his dreams until he meets his maker.