Gaza burns

28mideast1-650For the last week Gaza city in Palestine has been subjected to severe bombing by Israeli aircraft who according to Israeli government are responding to rocket attacks by Hamas.

Hamas came into power in Palestine because it was voted into power, the people want its leadership and now they are paying for their democracy.

Around 360 people have died in these bombing attacks, around 60 of these being civilians, the rest are claimed to be militants. We stand by in shame and watch as Muslims are murdered in their own homes and streets because they dared to chose their leaders.

It is ironic that no one raises voice for these people while hell broke lose when half the amount of people were killed in the recent Mumbai tragedy. Where is our humane spirit now? Where are the candles being held by huge protest marches? Where is decency?

The entire world should be ashamed of themselves for standing by as Israel ignores calls by the U.N to stop bombing. People are being killed here to satisfy what and whom? We often sit and wonder what causes people to become suicide bombers and give up their own lives to wreak havoc. Well the answer is happening in front of our faces and no one is doing anything to stop it.

  1. Israeli attacks …c’mon why should ANYONE raise voice. Let them kill the militants.

    Let the Muslims sleep.


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