Your honor she is not a virgin!!!

Muslims all over the world are part of the grand victem mentality.  Although a lot of sinister stuff does happen to and around us we tend to raise a hue and cry at anything seen as remotely challenging what we consider normal. This is why we do not fit in anywhere as immigrants, regardless of what any of us keep telling one another, we tend to alienate the very society we are settled in. Consider for example this latest gaffe in France where a muslim couple had their marriage annulled because the girl turned out to be “not virgin”

Apparently the husband an engineer (can we get more cliche) got married to his bride who was a trainee nurse in 2006 because she assured him she had never had a boyfriend (lol).  Upon discovering the grapes have been trampled the husband filed a case for annulment in a french court which granted it based on the french law of misrepresentation during marriage which allows this if “an essential quality” of a relationship has been lied about.

However french civil and woman’s rights groups raised a huge ruckus upon this judgment against the emancipation of french women and now the court has overturned its previous ruling. Now can someone please explain to me why a Muslim couple has to go through such ridiculous proceedings in this day and age to settle their ahem differences? I can only imagine if this was applied to our Pakistani society, oh but wait we do not bother with courts here we just feed the non virgins to the dogs. Plus why does the woman have to be a virgin, shouldn’t such a stipulation apply to both sexes, hello gender equality? hello?

If this was not enough the couple is upset now, having accepted the judgment and moved on with their lives they are finding it very hard to understand why they are still married. This is not the only remote incident however, we Muslims tend to routinely indulge in bizarre pushing the societies envelope sort of behaviour and then sit and whine when we are judged.

If the said case would have been overlooked after the first judgment it would have effectively provided a legal precedent for any man to reject a woman in France based on her virginity. Just one small step towards the Khilafat dream but hey every move counts. I think we should introduce this into the tea trolly discussion as well while stroking each others beards, imagine that!!

Boys parents : Umar kia hay in ki….

Girl : Ji 22 sal

Boys parents: Aur parhi kitni hay aap

Girl: Ji M.A kia hay

Boys parents : Acha aur inho ne kabhi kisi mard ke saath know kisi mard ke saath errr

Girl : …. …

Boys parents : Sharmao nahi beta bata do.. koi baat nahi


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