Why thy hate?

I can truly understand the Indian governments reckless fingerpointing at us, because

  • It considers Pakistan to be the ultimate bogeyman.
  • It has no explanation for this serious lapse in security in their own city.
  • It has no where else to go, no solution, no answer to what has just happened.
  • It has managed to get away with it in the past.
  • Elections are only a few months away, someone has to be made the sacrificial goat.

However what really gets to me and I say this straight from the heart, is the crowds and common people of Mumbai chanting “Pakistan Murdabad” on the streets. Is this the spirit of this city??? Ye he Mumbai meri jaan? When Islamabad was in havoc in the Marriot bombing our authorities and public did not bat an eyelash towards India. Yet why is it that India keeps attributing its failures to us. Its pretty sad to keep blaming someone else for your own mistakes, but then thats the easy way is it not?

Considering the scale and planning of this operation even a fool can see that the attackers must have stayed in India for a long long time to do reconnaissance, dry runs, procure arms, arrange for rooms, learn layouts plan timing, synchronize. Are we to all nod our heads in belief that they just happened to come from Pakistan in a ship and attacked Mumbai because the Indian media says so?

Nay I think the militants being from anywhere but India is an impossibility, infact by the pictures I have seen on the various TV channels abuzz with this tragedy, the attackers look nothing like Pakistanis. I would go as far as to say they look like they came from Assam in India itself.

So I think the world and us here in Pakistan would appreciate it if the Indian Authorities could provide some sort of evidence other than the “claim” that the person captured is a Pakistani. After all as far as claims go the Indian authorities have made several tall ones in the past about the samjhota express bombing, the parliment attacks and the most ludicerous one of India being a totally safe place in the world of today.

  1. We in India want a very healthy Pakistan. We want the the people of Pakistan to atleast make some efforts in enquiring about their young men who are dead(as terrorist in India). We want that guns/weapons should not be openly sold in streets. We are concerned that when the Taliban regime was abusing the loal women, u did not do anything abt it. We like freedom of press. We hate military rulers. We in India are very tolerant or religion( there are instances / cases of minoritybashing but there are ten-fold cases where people have protested against it), thats freedom of expression. We have grassroot democracy,,, it may not be working perfectly but we will get there. You guys dont give the people who can change a chance. Patience. I can watch any Pak movies in theaters here but you cant. Haha. We do blame Pak for some of the attacks but believe me we also love thy neighbour. We party, booze, .. and do what we want. And we hope that some day we can travel to Pak and enjoy the same. Forget the past… dont listen to the seniors… they poison the minds. CHANGE PAKISTAN…..MAKE IT A LIBERAL STATE. http://www.leopoldcafe.com

  2. Ummm..i suggest you to come out of whatever closet you live in and listen for a second.
    a) The terrorists who have been killed are Pakistanis how??? what evidence is there of this? They do not exist in faridkot from hence they are supposed to have come
    b) Who told you guns and weapons are sold openly in Pakistan in the streets? They are sold here the same way they are sold in mumbai or Chennai or Delhi..covertly.
    c) You in India are tolerant of religion?? which India are yous peaking of? ever heard of gujrat? of the massacre there? of Modi?
    d) If you think watching movies in theaters and partying is the best form of modernity and democratization i just passed Yuvraaj and Dostana playing on big screens on the way to work in Karachi and there are atleast 5 parties happening this weekend where there is plenty booze available..so all is well here as well?

    Pakistan is a liberal state…the problem is you have to come here to see it, because your minds are so brainwashed and closed by your politicians and media that you still think we are some kind of backwater shanty town. There are conservatives here just like their are shiv sena ppl there…there is no difference..wake up..

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