Voters to obama : “yes we can”

At about 8am Pakistan time at the start of our day here the results of the U.S election came in and they were not disappointing. Barrack Obama is the new president elect of America and what an election campaign he ran, with turn outs in the high 70’s his genius and empathy made people stand in the rain and snow for hours to cast their vote in history.

As I write this the world is rejoicing at the change that has come in America, this is indeed a watershed in American politics as the first African American has just become president. From the time of Rosa parks to that of Martin Luther King’s the dream of equality has just been hammered home after so many hundreds of years. Obama is not just African American but young as well, and represents a turn about in American thought, he is also aggressive and honest, some say perhaps too honest for politics but today he has shown the world that with dedication come laurels.

Obviously it is foolish to assume that there will be an immediate change in U.S policy towards Pakistan by his coming to power, true he has threatened to follow credible intelligence to attack targets in Pakistan. What people forget though is that he has also promised a review of American policy towards the entire Middle East, which includes Israel as well. Yes indeed… dangerous words for anyone coming to power in the U.S but if he can follow them up with an honest assessment it is not a big secret that half of the worlds problems today arise from America’s lopsided support of Israel and a step back may resolve them.

Over our history we have seen that democrats tend to generally favor dialogue with a wide cross section of our politics then to engage with one person like the republicans. Normally we also fear that they lean towards India in their policies rather than Pakistan. However If Obama brings anything to the table it is a solid determination to end things as they are and perhaps this is what we need as well when dealing with our allies? For how long are we going to keep on getting loans to support our largesse? Perhaps the change in the oval office will see us get more resilient in the face of adversity as Obama is loathe to provide us dole for no cause. In any case it’s about time that the old boy’s network in Dc was dismantled and some real work done to get this world back on track. What we will have to see now is whether the extraordinary speeches can be backed up with real actions.

Credits: Associated Press for the pic