Pakistan, an “international migraine”

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has described Pakistan as an “international migraine

” and argued that the South Asian country will be one of the hot spots

that the next American president will have to contend with.

Albright, who served President Bill Clinton in his second term of office, said Pakistan gives you “an international migraine” with its range of problems linked to nuclear weapons, corruption, poverty, extremism and a weak government.

The former Secretary of State described nuclear-armed and poverty stricken Pakistan as one of the hot spots when she was asked on CNN to reflect on the challenges for the next President who will assume office in January 2009.

“Pakistan. Pakistan has everything that gives you an international migraine,” she underlined. “It has nuclear weapons, corruption, poverty, extremism, a terrible financial situation, a government that’s just come in that’s not very strong, and it is in a location that is absolutely essential in terms of dealing with Afghanistan.

So the kind of Afghanistan-Pakistan part, and then the Iraq issues and the neighborhood there,” Albright stressed as she reflected on the challenges for the next president.

The former top US diplomat also highlighted the problems linked to nuclear proliferation in regard to North Korea and Iran.

“I think we know what the really serious issues are. They have to do with nuclear proliferation, and Kim Jong-il and North Korea and whether those talks will really be carried out. What happens with Iran,” Albright said in the interview.


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