IsI closes political wing

In a startling but very pleasant surprise the ISI has decided to close its “Political Wing” here in Pakistan. This wing although never clearly acknowledged has been for the last 3 decades indulged in skull duggery with our political setup which includes spying on politicians, fixing deals to let one government stay or creating anti government lobbies and so on. this is the same agency wing which has been instrumental in fixing elections and horse trading for formation of the anti govt lobby in Benazirs time as well as the elections to bring the Q league into power in 2002.

Apparently the deicison has come from the highest level and our current general in charge should be congratulated for this, because quite frankly ever since he has come into power the role of the army and the intelligence agencies has been lessening in running the politics of this country and focusing more on what their actual duty is.

Perhaps with their phones not tapped and their movements not being recorded our political figures can also now go about doing the job they have been elected into office for, rather than go around galavanting all over the globe on begging bowl missions and such.

This is perhaps the last chance the people of Pakistan have given to their politicans and if they do not shape up soon enough, things might get a bit hard again for talk show guests and the power brokers of this country. I think now that this important step has been taken we should make public the actual role of this “wing” so the truth can be known to all. Its time to clean the slate and move on.

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