How haraam is yoga?

We as a religion are not doing much for our namesake. I am speaking of the double edged sword that are “Islamic fatwas” Yes they may be used to bring a community together on a platform on an important issue but this power is often misused to really baffling results.

Most people today know of Islam through these “fatwas” or decrees by various Muslim authorities that such and such is haraam and killable and so on. This practice of issuing orders which seem unbelievable to the rest of the world not only falls on its face as no one but a handful of Muslims follow it but they deal a mortal blow to our clergymen and serve to isolate rather than return people to the fold of Islam.

Take for example the recent fatwah by the “National fatwah council” of Malaysia to ban Yoga because its roots are Hindu and thus haraam. Obviously not being satisfied by their foot in the mouth statement, they have gone one step further by proclaiming that “yoga” would destroy the faith of a Muslim if practiced.

Retarded yes….funny very much so as I always thought the faith of a true Muslim is unassailable by vices let alone a few breathing exercises. Whats next? banning public parks because they lead to fornication? Oh right we already did that somewhere too.

I shudder to think what the millions of Indians living and contributing towards Malaysia now think of their adopted homeland?


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