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I’m not a Democrat. I’m more of a Republican. I’ve grown up Republican, I dabbled with the donkeys, but finally grew into my “right” roots. Its a lot more complicated that Bush and Iraq, but that’s how elections usually go. I like the Republican party for its history, albeit as checkered as it may be. I am a selfish voter, and prefer to do my charity on my own rather than government regulate it for me. My family owns a small business, so its fitting that I’m a red state supporter. And with my coloring, Red looks good on me too.

Tonight, however, after much indecision and still not happy with the choices presented to me for President, and although I didn’t vote for him, ( I didn’t vote for McCain either) I am proud and excited and mind you, teary-eyed that President-elect Obama, is the going to lead the U.S.

i didn’t want Obama to win, simply because in the checks and balances of the American government, it upsets me that the Legislative and Executive wings of the government are from the same party. I think it gives too much control to a particular party. Hence, when I knew that the Senate would lose its stronghold, I thought ahead to what could happen, rather than the magnificence of such a historic win. We say it’s historic, because it’s only been 40 years since Blacks gained their civil rights. It’s historic because for every person of color or religion that has experienced any kind of racism or hatred, here is man that defied all odds and won.

i never believed he could. I was positive Americans would never let an African American, with the middle name Hussein, win. I didn’t have the faith. And Senator McCain had the win in his hand, had he not botched his chances with a poor choice of Vice-Presidential candidate and a campaign that paled in comparison to the Obama campaign.

And while I may regret a Democratic leadership in the years to come, the pride and swelling in my heart for a man that stood by his principles, fighting a dirty campaign as cleanly as he could, is unparallel and unwavering. As I watched Senator McCain concession speech, and cried as President-Elect Obama graciously reveled in his victory, I was happy to know that the part of me that couldn’t fathom the win, had been shut down and embarrassingly defeated.

Perhaps I’m too emotional. Most likely, I’ll eat my words in the near future as the new administration takes place. But I know that with this new change in the face of politics in America, I am more prouder than ever and more excited for the advent of a new leader than I have been in a long, long time.  And to quote the 44th President of America, ” We are not a nation of red states or blue states, but we are the nation of the United States”.  Ame(e)n.

  1. Well said Farwa. It is exciting to have Barack Obama as the new president, because of the change he may bring, for reviving hope for the American people and peoples around the world for what his win represents; His father was a Kenyan, he lived in Jakarta Indonesia for four years and his middle name is Hussein.

  2. I’m not an American, but since his first speech that I heard in 2003, Obama has been sensational. His victory speech and his sincerety brought tears to my eyes; he is the change everyone is looking for!! IA, he is the hope for a brighter future! That was very well written!

  3. And he’s been to Pakistan. And the fact that he’s actually studied the QURAN and knows more about Muslims than that asswipe Bush. Most importantly, he is a smart man and with the foresight of his that was evident from his speech, you know he is someone special.

  4. Как тебе новость на премьершипе:

    “Тоттенхэм хочет приобрести Шея Гивена.
    Главный тренер лондонского “Тоттенхэма” Харри Рэднапп признался, что он является личным поклонником таланта голкипера “Ньюкасла” Шея Гивена и хотел бы заполучить этого игрока в свой клуб.
    “Шей Гивен – великолепный голкипер, я им восхищаюсь. Любой тренер хотел бы его приобрести, если бы это был возможно”, – цитирует Рэднаппа газета Daily Mail.”

  5. These are exactly my thoughts. I felt the same way that racism was still prevalent as was Islamophobia and Barack Hussein could never be elected. But he has. Keeping in view his anti-Pak rhetoric (blown out of proportion by many), I would have liked to see McCain and a woman in presidency but my heart goes out to Barack.

    He has so much to live up too but just that he ran such an effective campaign means that he’s lived up to more than half the expectations that people expected from him. May we live in a colourblind, tolerant world and may Pakistan be so.


  6. гляди! Я ржал – – тема дня :))
    Фото на тему кризиса..
    да, и спасибо за пост) добавил в избранное

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