Metrosexuality goes nuts

Its very common in today’s world to commercialize the needs of a “metro sexual” man and sell him everything from designer briefs to designer gadgets and ties all at the expense of his large bank balance and causing even more inflation of his over inflated ego. Personally I feel objectified catagorized and over exploited!!

The following takes the cake however and is a body washed aimed solely at washing “man bits” whatever happened to old soap and water eh?

To top ot all off the website touts the product as “organic wash” for your intimate manly area…hilarious!!

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  1. Congratulations, guys – you have joined the world of intimate washes!
    Welcome to the place women have been living in for years. No-one needs even a small proportion of the products aimed at us and yet the pressure is on to buy.

  2. LOL – funny. I do not tag myself with any of the terms although metrosexuality is mostly confused with homosexuality – back in Birmingham, I remember we used to tease metrosexuals as homos! Anyhow, the world’s changing for the better and with the new mantra of “jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai” – presentation and personality development is a major contribution in one’s success.

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