Go Obama!!!!

Come on Obama!!!!!! End the hold of brutality your country has over the world, end the stupid war on terror that has taken us all to the brink of meltdown!!!!

Why do I sitting here in Pakistan support him??? simply because Mccain represents the old America, the hawks, the naysayers and the colonists and Obama alsthough engaging in some anti Pakistan rhetoric is still the only hope there is for change, and it has to come from the U.S. Plus he says “Pakistan” perfectly and that is one hell of a start.

  1. its formalities now…he is going to be the next one…unless some background and under the table things happen…we have seen surprises before…

    however, how good he would be to us and why we should cheer for him….is something that I would like to reserve comments on…

    he has run a great exemplary campaign though…no doubt…excellent politics…

    Lets see….

  2. well personally i do not think it is over yet…as far as Mccains campaign is concerned…..plus there is always the fear of this

    I support him because he is visibly against zionists… wants to change american foreign policy and wants to try talking to people instead of “going after them into those caves and getting them”

    he might be the answer to the worlds problems a pragmatic leader who has a sane head on his shoulders.

  3. Faisal K. are you kidding I can assure you McCain is in no way against zionists. I dont know where you got that idea, whereever it was it is certainly flawed.

  4. Inspiring video, inspiring individual. Reminds me a bit of the way Bill Clinton ran his election.

    ” and wants to try talking to people instead of “going after them into those caves and getting them” ”

    Is that what Obama has said? Or is that kind of rhetoric from Mccain or Bush?

    By people, you don’t mean Mr Bin Laden of course? 😉

    You believe that American foreign policy is dictated by Zionists, FK? Please elaborate on that.

    Oh…and how does one pronounce Pakistan? Is it Park-eh-starn?

  5. @ Jim Obama never said that Bush did when he started this whole we gonna get them folks in them caves in Afghanistan…

    I mean people who exist only for you and me to keep believing in this war on terror…u may call them bin ladin or mullah omar or the boogeyman for all i care…they never get caught.

    American policy whether it is foreign or domestic in my opinion is dictated by their own self interest which tilts more than little with the interests of zionists…and no it is not because i hate jews or something but that is how it is in America. Those in power are often puppets in the hands of the king makers my friend.

    you pronounce it Paq ees tan

    cheers 🙂

  6. Do you think many in the current (Neo-Conservative) Republican administration don’t want these…’boogeyman’ to be caught, but to be out there…seen by the public as a threat, so they can continue their policies?

    They have gone to some strange ways to inform us how dangerous these individuals are supposed to be. Like the ‘high-tec caves’…but these turned out to be nonsense…as shown below


    Russert: The Times of London did a graphic, which I want to put on the screen for you and our viewers. This is it. This is a fortress. This is a very much a complex, multi-tiered, bedrooms and offices on the top, as you can see, secret exits on the side and on the bottom, cut deep to avoid thermal detection so when our planes fly to try to determine if any human beings are in there, it’s built so deeply down and embedded in the mountain and the rock it’s hard to detect. And over here, valleys guarded, as you can see, by some Taliban soldiers. A ventilation system to allow people to breathe and to carry on. An arms and ammunition depot. And you can see here the exits leading into it and the entrances large enough to drive trucks and cars and even tanks. And it’s own hydroelectric power to help keep lights on, even computer systems and telephone systems. It’s a very sophisticated operation.

    Rumsfeld: Oh, you bet. This is serious business. And there’s not one of those. There are many of those. And they have been used very effectively. And I might add, Afghanistan is not the only country that has gone underground. Any number of countries have gone underground. The tunneling equipment that exists today is very powerful. It’s dual use. It’s available across the globe. And people have recognized the advantages of using underground protection for themselves.

    I think you have a point about the ‘power behind the throne’
    Of course, you don’t have to be Jewish to progress the ideology of Zionists.
    Jewish lobbyist groups have a history of using their influence too help Israel, it is no suprise to see the US has over the years, contributed a great deal of economic aid which is spent on weapons, too ‘defend’ itself. In fact a prominent Jewish-American (I forget the name) philosopher has said that a large (American) military budget is a good thing, as it aids Israel.

    So the Zionists were behind the Iraq & Afghanistan invasions. Why, in your opinion, FK? And do you think they wish to invade Iran at some point in the future?

    By the way, if you haven’t seen it, ‘The Power of Nightmares’ talks about some of these issues. It’s on youtube & Googlevideo.

  7. Well to put it simply an ongoing war on terror worldwide has only two organizations interests at heart.. firstly the militants in Afghanistan who after the Russian Afghan war have little other source of income unless for the poppy crops and not much else to do and the US military industry which fuels the U.S economy…ever heard the expression every time there is a recession the U.S starts a new front? That being said i d not think it is easy to get to the truth of such shadowy motives with discussion only.

    I do believe Israel has done more than its part to bolster U.S moves in Iraq and Afghanistan for the simple reason that they were at threat constantly first from Iraq..which was nuetered in the first gulf war then the Talibs who wanted to take a dirty bomb to Jeruseleam and you know what to do with it there and now Iran who constantly spouts rhetoric about how they should be wiped off the face of the earth and blah blah.

    I personally think no one has the right to wipe anyone of the face of the earth be it jew muslim or christian but i do feel some impact when Ahmadinijad argues about why Israel was founded in the middle east at the cost of palestine when the holocaust was all german hands, they should have been given the falkland islands or something what do you think?

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