Facebook murder?

Well it was bound to happen and I say this trying to be PC because I do have very strong reservations about Fbook and the effect it is having on people’s lives. It jst has too much power over its users and now it has driven an estranged husband in a recently seperated relationship to effectively stab his wife to death all because she posted herself as “single again” on this social networking site a day after he moved out.

Apparently he just could not take the fact that his wife of 17 years had moved on so quickly from him and the day before he commited this insane act he rang his inlaws to express his dismay at her action on facebook. He then drove to their home in Croydon South London and attacked the mother of two while she was asleep by tearing out her hair in clumps and stabbing her repeatedly till she died. The neighbors heard the screams and called the police.

The point is though who is to blame for this? the Gun or the Shooter? We all know how creepy people can get on these social networking sites, now we know they can be driven to lunacy over them also.

Sad and cruel…
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  1. come on, the news item said that the man was volatile, he would have found any other reason for murdering the wife if not facebook.

  2. He called his inlaws asking why she had posted that on face book so soon… he was specifically upset at her for doing so… you can draw the conclusion you want tazeen but it is obvious her telling the world “its time for her to mingle” drove him to this rage, like i said the gun or the shooter?

  3. I agree with u faisal, social networking sites are taken as ‘mingling’ and dating platforms specially abroad. It really depends on ur culture and how you are using something according to it. Have heard about people getting fired because of fb but this is tragic. One should be careful while putting up personal info on such sites nothing is completely secure even if it says so. Sad 🙁

  4. n o plz ignore the link comment , i was pasting the link in mozilla as chrome wont show the submit button for some reason :S

  5. I have to say I’ve been vaguely amused by the way youngsters seem to conduct their whole relationships on their facebook walls, but this is a sad turn of events. However I think it may have happened anyway, as Tazeen says above. Seems the woman’s major mistake was not blocking her husband’s access to her profile!

    I am torn between wondering if online social networking is something we all need to embrace, or something a bit scary.

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