Defeat again

Pakistan’s loss in the twenty twenty cup in canada yesterday displays the myopic policies of the Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB). One must commend the PCB for its consistency in making stupid decisions. They have, however, outdone themselves by declaring Shoiab Akhtar fully fit and raring to have a go at the other competing teams. With all due respect, not only have they cost Pakistan the tournament but also denied other hard working, determined and most importantly fit bowlers like Rao Iftikhar Anjum or even Rana Naveed a fair chance to prove themselves.

I agree there is no comparison between Rana and Rao with a deadly, fit, fast and furious Shoaib Akhtar. I have actually always defended shoaib in drawing room discussions as I feel he has done a lot for Pakistan and won us many matches. However, just being shoaib akhtar is not enough…. No one is bigger than the game but unfortunately PCB doesn’t realize that.

Not only is shoaib overweight, he could be seen panting and puffing like crazy after every ball. If this is fit, my Grandma is fitter than Lance Armstrong anyday. How can the PCB justify including unfit players and calling them fit. In addition, what the hell is our captain shoiab malik thinking of doing. A bowler who has given almost thirty runs in two overs is not given a third over so that he can give away 17 runs and also the game especially when you have other bowlers like sohail tanveer with overs to bowl left.

Yesterday’s final was a comedy of errors and one can only hope that lessons will be learnt from this experience sooner rather than later. Given the history of pcb and selection committee, I would be on the right track to say that maybe I should stop dreaming!!!!

  1. Shoaib Akthar should play test cricket only rather than ODI’s and T20.
    He shouldn’t be consider for any other T20 or ODIs he let whole nation down in many big games like 2003 WC semi final where sachin taught him a bitter lesson made 98 and again in 2004 indian tour of Pak after several years where sachin made 100 against him in Pindi and taught him a good lesson.
    Ever since I’m sayin he ain’t an ODIs bowler let him play IPL but shouldn’t be choosen in Pak he’s not fit at all, he’s into debaucheries in aussie bars and indian bollywood.
    He’s overweighted an haughty too and sohail tanveer was a better choice instead of Akthar whose moral was down once Sanath blast 2 sixes to him, What was he tryin to do after he hit sanath face he again bowl same line and perished becuz his intention was to scare sanath and tried to hurt him which is out of spirit rather against spirit of cricket. isn’t it?
    Malik should be change who is too not setting any good example for team and nation by involving in indian Ayesha affair.damn it
    PCB = Political Cricket Board

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