Daneen “enterprise with conscience”

Recently the Oxford youth business development organization held a contest for young entrepreneurs and their mentors in this region of the world to pick a business venture along the following criteria

  • What is the ventures quality of business planning? I.e. have the team developed a focused and viable plan for implementation success
  • What is the ventures chance of success? I.e. has the team identified a clear market opportunity/ unmet consumer need?
  • What’s the ventures potential for social impact? I.e. by virtue of employment created, etc

Obviously many teams with their Mentors from Oxford participated in this prestigious competition and a fellow co author at Karachi Metro blogs and her team won the coveted first spot. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that this team from “Pakistan” focused on an enterprise which not only gives an entire new range of clothing for women suitable to our own style and heritage as well as sizes but has a visible social impact and relevance as well. How do they do this? Well its simple half of Pakistan’s populace is made up of females and “Daneen” which means princess focuses on providing through their clothing line an opportunity for females here to be themselves. That is follow their own ideas rather than aspiring to fit into clothes made for “0” sizes Daneen’s line will embody the woman of Pakistan in everything from style to sizes which are more tuned to proportions here. Plus it will provide employment opportunities to rural females as well as young fashion designers who are being laid off from the nosediving textile sector here. In essence it will be a start of emancipation of the Pakistani female, ethnic and soulful.

My personal congratulations to team “Daneen” (Sadaf Muhammad Aslam, Rafia Iqbal Hashmi, Sidrat Asim, Syeda Farea Hashmi) from the Institute of Business Administration and their mentor Neha Sethi. Well done !!!!

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