The first volley?

Reports coming in that Pakistani soldiers have confronted U.S troops on the Pak /Afghan border near Angoorada and fired in the air to dissuade them from coming across to Pakistan.

Reports say seven US helicopters landed on the Afghan side of the border and US troops then tried to cross the border. As the U.S troops tried to do so the Pakistani soldiers at their check post opened aerial fire and the U.S troops held their ground.

It must be pointed out at this juncture that the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan had issued a very strong worded warning last week to the U.S troops to stop their infantry attacks or face retaliation.

The U.S army has been carrying out several cross border raids in Pakistani territory since last week in addition to their drones firing missiles in whenever they wish. International bodies such as Nato have refused to aid the U.S in these cross border violations.

It seems to me that if diplomacy is not given a chance there will indeed be war between the U.S and Pakistan its long standing ally in the “war on terror”

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  1. It seems the US is testing how far it can push Pakistan. This is a point, if any; where we need to stand up with a firm stance.

    At the same time, we need to do some serious house-cleaning in FATA and I have no clue what is the best way for us to go about this difficult task.

  2. Do you really think the US administration would risk going to war with Pakistan over cross-border raids? I think not! Tensions are high in the region and after this response from Pak. forces, it’d be foolish of them to try something of this sort again. A conflict between supposed “allies” would have severe repercussions for Pakistan, already reeling economically.

  3. I honestly do not think that the U.S considers pakistani forces to be much of a threat to them. So i do not think they would assume there will be much of a war, by the way the air craft carrier Abe Lincoln is in the indian ocean.. laden with f16s and cruise missles.

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