The End is here

The massive Hadron Collider experiment is about to start on the swiss-french border on wenesday. This giant particle accelarator will in effect have its first full beam on this day, its function to smash particles into one another which will tell us perhaps how it all started and solve some more mysteries of science.

However there is a certain percentage of this world who believes that when this accelerator starts it will cause microscopic black holes to emerge which will in turn rip everything apart and bring it all down to a shuddering boiling end for our mudball.

Fact or fiction, its not far off say a prayer people!!

That and umm the new clone wars cartoon movie is out based on “Star wars” so better watch that before it all goes kaput fellow geeks 🙂

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  1. Having listened to the BBC Science reporter this morning I am quite sure the end isn’t coming… even though someone in the radio studio had set up one of the monitors with an end of the world countdown 😉

    I wish I understood a fraction of the science behind this, but although you never know with the untried, it doesn’t sound too disastrous and any black holes created will apparently be tiny!

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