The debt we owe Pakistan

Its very very hard to live in Pakistan these days. Not because everyone who has any resources is threatening to leave or at least thinking about it. Not because of the violence and the chaos that surrounds this country. When one lives here one gets immune to these things even though they have become much more of a threat in recent times than they were earlier.

Its hard because if one loves their country and I do love Pakistan it is torturous to see it being ripped apart in the name of the very religion it was founded on. That being said I do understand the people leaving in droves but do they not realize that aside from the security situation there is nothing welcoming them out there more than their own country. Most of the people I know for instance are talking about moving to Dubai. Why well because it is sort of like Karachi but totally safe. Well newsflash there is no place like Karachi, sorry. Each city has its own history and character and although immigrants try to build replicas of their home it is never home.

I do not blame them because as I admitted at the start of this piece it is bloody hard to live here. However what is required to live here is a change in the mindset of conformity that we have all adopted for so many years.

First and foremost we all need to stop apologizing for these bastards who are hellbent on killing us and our families day in and day out. They are not Muslims and they are certainly not even human anymore. Not after the killing sprees they have been on. Do we realize what it takes to blow up one’s own self and with that take the lives of others? It takes a damaged mind brainwashed constantly and fed on the literature of hate. Why are we shifty eyed when we speak of these people why do we not call them what they are instead of balking away. Our media does it our imams in our mosques do it our government does it but we know better do we not? We know what these people are, they are monsters. Not the jews no, these people the militants the so called Jihadis they are worse than all the evil imagined by man.

When we reach this plateau then we can begin to realize that no where in the world is safe for us anymore. These monsters fight out their unholy war in any place they can reach, thus if you live in Chennai or Karachi or Dubai or Madrid or NYC or Luton the risk is the same. True it may look a bit less in places which are more secure but that is just an impression. To date the most horrific terrorist attacks have happened in these secure societies. So if you wish to go for a cocoon thats about all you achieve when you leave.

We can do a lot more good by staying, how so? People often comment on how they are helpless to do anything in Pakistan and that nothing ever gets done here. Well the things that really matter do get done because you are the one who is going to do them. The real sufferers of all of these problems be it militancy or security or judicial or economic are the poor of this country. The poor of this country depend on people like us, to help them get through their lives. I understand that we are all depressed how can we not be depressed? Just look at what is happening around us. However getting up and leaving will not solve anything will it? We can help the people of our country with the resources we have. Its not that hard to offer food to someone hungry is it? Is it hard to take care of someone’s Eid shopping and clothes because they cannot manage to?

Personal suffering and grief can only be driven away with helping and supporting others. When one gives back the feeling that you get chases away all the demons. We can make this a better place, even with all the problems we have here. We can give back to our country, we have taken so much from it over the years in the form of income, a good life, comfort an identity can we not pay back the debt of this land?


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