Ike is coming

At 0700 GMT on Saturday, the “very large” hurricane was about 10 miles (15km) south-east of Galveston, with winds of around 110 mph (175km/h). Thats Galveston texas for you folks, this hurricane is going to make landfall within hours and is as advertised going to be pretty damn catastrophic.

Most of the major area hit will be in texas and the sleepy beach town of Galveston where more than 23000 residents have ignored a mandatory evacuation order and not left. Authorities are pleading with them to go but they want to stick it out.

I have been to Galveston myself and its a small community, very close to the sea, in fact right in front of it. I would be shit scared if there was a hurricane the size of Ike approaching me while i lived there. Although I acknowledge the bravery of the residents I fear the American government should take them by their hair and pull them to the evac buses if they have to. Staying back is kinda insane. Specially after everyone has seen what happened in Katrina.

So if you are in the area effected and i know some of my readers are as they show up on the woopra statistical map. GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THERE NOW!!

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  1. Receive this mail from a friend in Sugarland, Texas:

    “Poor Galveston might be flooded off the map – IF it comes in where they are predicting, they are talking 20 foot storm surge, with waves on top of that. The really bad thing is there is already flooding on the island and not a drop of rain has fallen and it’s not the storm surge – just water pushed in front of the storm. Some friends bought a little house on Bolivar, a narrow peninsula just across Galveston Bay, this summer. They had the new furniture delivered last week. Two other couples we all know have houses there too …………probably there will be nothing left, just pilings. Very sad.”

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