Geekiness outdone

say hello to my little friend
say hello to my little friend

You wake up to the soft chime of your cell phone in the morning, before you open your eyes you fumble for the remote with one hand switching on the breaking news, its always breaking, its always happening. The other hand reaches for the piece de resistance in your life your digital corner stone, your mecca of info your pda. Click the center button, screen zooms to your twitter updates the day has started, who reads smses anymore? The next click leads you one down the favorites list, voila 4 new friend request, ohhh j and b are no longer in a relationship its been 5 mins and already it looks good or does it?

Used to be a time when the above with perhaps more geeky names would be the script of the new star trek series remember captains log? Now its ilog or rather blog. However this is just the tip of the iceberg, trust me i was there 13 years ago when the internet was just starting out. When modems were as big as shoe boxes and it was a seriously big deal to be online. Now its like kids play actually it is, my 5 year old notified me last night that the dsl is down and as I looked at her with a (and how does that effect u) look she told me she has to browse the new list of toys at the toys r us website. Its at this moment that it struck me we have gone past star trek…we have overtaken our own imaginations. We have essentially made sure that all our needs or as many as can be managed digitally are and i really shudder to think what she will manage to cram into her non rem hours when she is grown up.

To illustrate my point I recommend any of us to switch it all off for 3 days. Yr phone yr pc yr pda yr blackberry. Just three days and you will see what i mean. When you log back on there will probably be groups on facebook searching for you with a title like ‘F.K has vanished’. Your friends list will start thinning out noting instantly that there is no more digi juice left in your keester and your digi invites to random events around your city will finish!!

Boom suddenly you will be persona non grata, that brilliant person who just fizzled out, psssst i heard he had an anuerism, well he was always online you know? What was he thinking? Just like that peace will come and even though you will not be the metro sexually bohemian geekoid of this age no more, you will find back the line which blurred on route to having a phone whose screen flicks up and down with your finger and a life which reads like the status page of your fbook.

Beep F.k is no longer digital, he took the blue pill. Oh shit, now what? Real life? Damn thats gonna be so tough…like music without itunes.
Comment : lets organize an online petition to get him back
Comment : No no clicking i do not know him is so much easier
Comment : Do nothing…he has been picked up by them…call HR losers without borders.
Comment : leave him be, in a few days he will be limited and fade away to nothing.

  1. You just made me laugh so much! But I would say two things… turn your phone off at night, take two weeks away without an internet connection. Life does go on – you might even find it! 😉

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