Forgotten Prom Date

Remember Prom in high school? The build up to the dance, the planning, the people who actually made it happen, rather than who won. Of course, we all remember who was Queen or King, but it’s the other drama that is more memorable, rather than those 10 minutes of fame. Let me be the first to tell you, it does not matter whom you vote for, for the Presidency of the United States. Your vote will go along with your district, which will then matter, how the county voted and state voted and the cotes will then go to the Electoral College and then determine the outcome of the presidency. And unless you are in a few swing states, it really doesn’t matter. But if you want to change anything, pay attention to the local politics going on. Read up on the propositions, the locals running for state Congress. Then read up on your Representative and Senators. Like the politics of a high school Prom, it’s a election committee rather than the Queen or King that decides who matters and what gets done.

Due to the nature of government, nothing can happen in the U.S. unless it’s approved by both the House, the Senate and signed by the President. And both sides have Veto powers, so again, it becomes an exercise in patience more often than not, rendering the whole process futile, all too soon.

There was a time, when I was feeling Obama, since I already liked McCain from a few years ago. But then Obama went whack distancing himself maniacally from Muslims. That alienated me, even though I’m not so “Muslim”. And McCain picked Palin whom urges me to press the mute button every time I see her or her daughter on TV. I had hope this year, for I thought maybe after a pitiful 8 years of being a Muslim-Pakistani-American (can I be a more controversial hyphenate at the moment?) , things just might change, I felt a despondency that I just couldn’t shake.

I’ve grown up politicking. I have Republican roots, while I’ve been a DNC volunteer, done the cold calls, involved in local and national campaigns. But this one, this particular one was the most important to me. I’m the young voter that needs to be targeted. I’m the one that gets everyone else out there motivated and pushes them to vote. Yet, in this election, while I may be a minuscule part of the population, whom the pundits and pollsters my have thought don’t matter, I feel shafted. The process and institution I love so much, has purposefully neglected me. I feel like the girl waiting for her prom date that never arrives. And trust me; I would have easily given it up, had my date just arrived.

So let me remind you: the presidency is secondary. Find out the views and policies of your House Representative. Read up on the Policies your Senator supports and the alternative, if you don’t agree. It is the representative that will represent your vote for the Electoral College. If you truly want to make a difference, start locally. Because if it’s Obama or McCain, it won’t matter if they promise to bring the troops home, or save the economy, if they can’t get it approved by Congress. And do not forget, Congress, really is your voice. At that ball, when anyone arrives, you are noticed, date or no date, puffy gown or rented tux, because after all, you got there in a term-fixed limousine. And enjoy the music while it lasts, because next year, it’ll be the same venue all over again; just different candidates.

In the meanwhile, I am on the curb, thumb outstretched, waiting to be picked up.

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  1. if i had to chose someone to take me to the prom it would be a dood as slick as obama.. Mccain im afraid is not in my age group 😛

    welcome to Dpan

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