Chaos revisited

So this is what living in Kabul feels like, every time you switch on the morning news its like 20 dead 16 dead, war rages in Pakistan’s border regions but last night it all came home in Isloo.

Onlookers claim a smaller car approached the barrier first, stopping and starting a siren giving every1 three minutes to get out. Then it blew itself up taking the barricade with it. Enter the dumper carrying about 1 ton of explosives rolling right into the lobby area of the Marriot and then..the explosion which ripped a 15 foot deep crater in the earth and destroyed the lives of hundreds of families. Not just the ones that came to work or to an iftar to perish but even those that ran away, whom i am sure will not be counseled for post trauma shock.

Nor is the nation more than half of it chronic depressed as it is have any idea of what is to come. A total change in how they relax, how they have fun, their movements restricted, wary eyes watching anyone with a beard. Afraid to go out…too depressed to stay in.

The government does not give a damn, it never has…they claim they saved the parliament house and its vips from threat last night. Effectively meaning they pulled security of the highest level around the Pm and the parliament house, so basically anyone with a non mpa plate on their car is left to the wolves?

When Benazir died and Karachi went up in flames we all thought in spite of the chaos that this too shall pass, however those few days of stress are what our everyday lives are like now and hell no it ain’t passing.

So i think its about time that we realize what this place is going to be like for the foreseeable future, either we get our collectives asses together as a nation and once and for all seperate the mosque from the state, with the state coming first or we all watch as we are killed one by one, some in a hotel, some while driving to work, some at iftari and some in a mosque at taravih.

We all know the threat, the point is are we capable of lifting the veil of double standards from our faces and saying no, no to fundamentalists whether they preach by gun or by cds spinning in living room darses, no to this jihad and no to this unholy alliance. Or are we going to blame 9/20 on the jews as well?

  1. Jews, cia, India, Taliban… blaming it on anyone whats the use… at the end of a day faisal as u say, we need to move forward and show guts and lift the veil of double standards… unfortunately our rulers are too busy witheir stupid shenanigans and politicking to even realize the gravity of the situation

    God help Pakistan…. and please hurry!!! 🙂

  2. we are not afraid and we live like nothing really matters to us.
    Almost every country faces these types of terrorist attacks. Pakistan is a country who fights war against the terrorism.

  3. My heart bleeds for you all. We have had attacks like this in London over the years and in some ways you become used to them, numbed to the horror, really.

    Indeed – God help Pakistan.

  4. yeh it just got very very scary all of a sudden…seems like a lost cause these days this country. Still one must strive on for what else can you do??

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