to the amniotic fluid of dreams

the ritualistic sanction runs dry


into this forlorn and hollow

existence, the light slowly

spilling out through the hundred half-moon creases

producing their own afterglow,

your words, the sharpened blade of spirit’s knife

yell to my heart.

–language does not break the sphere that surrounds it–

feel the heat from your tongue

to fall upon my dry and thirsty lips,

translucent to the disbelievers:

my heart is a huge luscious melon!

–the world of words requires passion of the soul–

if i opened my legs would you set me on fire?

[guilty for a moment

you humour me

to gasp for purpose]

i am the tongue you’ve forgotten

yet yet

in that iota of time and space when you

purr around my hesitant hands

drawing them out into softly curving streams

i look out at the Pacific as it embraces the pulsating sun

i hear his song,

passion in every note,

more precious than the dawn’s first dew:

the universe’s

love children


  1. Awesome stuff, very well written…seems this blog has no dearth of poets or writers the imagery is always magnificent here.

  2. Obviously you think poetry like this in this holy month is alright for a musllimah, however i would like to request that such things be kept inside the mind rather than written on paper. For the sake of us all. Do you have any idea what you are preaching Sister Farwah?? immorality

  3. hahahaha… the only people who are being affected by the immorality are those who have never known what it is to be in love and have a lover… just because you are inexperienced doesn’t mean that you can be allowed to judge. and more importantly, the use of several seemingly provocative phrases do not a immoral poem make. please mark out what you find offensive, or realise that it is your reactionary nature that is truly offensive.

  4. for the praises, thanks!

    for the attacks regarding my faith and belief,judgement like that is the opposite of the true spirit of this month. and i’m not preaching immorality. its fiction. we are all adults who know the limits set to us by the Almighty. where one’s mind goes only reveals the issues you have, not mine. passion does not equate to sex. it spills into every domain of life that we have. enlighten yourself.

    while i love that everyone has had an opinion on the poem, i urge you to read further than the initial inclination and look for the metaphors. this is regards to all works of fiction that you come across. while there are authors who are literal, the majority of fiction work, especially poetry, is filled with metaphors that delve deeper into the psyche. us poets love word play and we enjoy evoking responses and pushing the boundaries in our little games.

  5. Very nice… i really liked reading it… very symbolic and full of content… my favorite line being language does not break teh sphere that surrounds it…

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