1. Is it me or does this blog keep changing!? I keep thinking I’m landing in the wrong place. Do you want feedback about the various versions lately? How nice of me to offer unsolicited comments! Sorry, Faisal!

    But seriously – is this a work in progress?

  2. Totally anna would love feedback and yes it was a work in progress until now. I think iam totally done with this new layout. I got it all in here now

  3. OK – well to be honest i this new format will take some getting used to. It feels a bit like information overload right now. More like a newspaper than a blog. I do not mean that as necessarily negative. I don’t know what kind of readership you currently have or are trying attract. But d-thoughts does not “feel” like a blog now, it “feels” like an informational web-site. If this was your goal, you have achieved this.

    I will adjust! Or re-adjust . . . remember, I am a woman with a simple, simplistic blog so that is my frame of reference. I do not mean to hold you DOWN to my standard!

    Best of luck with this – truly.

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