A grim reminder

paratroopers feet hanging from canopy
paratroopers feet hanging from canopy

The Kokoda trail in the hilly slopes north of Port Moresby, the Papua New Guinea capital has just acquired a new reason to be famous. This was the area where in World War II Australian troops fought with the incoming Japanese invaders that wanted to use Port Moresby as a bridge head for the attack on the Australian Main Land.

Recently a hiker came across a war relic on this trail of frightening proportions. He found the body of a paratrooper hanging from the canopy with moss overgrowing it. what is strange is how the paratroopers skeleton has remained intact after so many years in this jungle.  He also has a pair of goggles still around his neck.

Wonder how long he hung there till death overtook him?? Chilling is it not?

Update : It has now been concluded that these are not the remains of some WWII para trooper but instead is just pieces of branches tangled with one another and covered with moss. Taking another look at the pic above i still fail to see how a branch can look like a man’s feet which the pic clearly shows. Strange?

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