• Fact: Angelina Jolie cannot look any hotter than she does in “Wanted” with a gun, menacing smile tatoos and all.
  • Fact: There is something quite arousing about secret societies who control the fate of the world by executing people at will as Assassins.
  • Fact: With the Matrix the dodging bullet effect came into rage, Wanted brings us Assassins who can fire “curving bullets”
  • Fact: Timur Bekmambetov the director makes this flicky explode like summer fireworks on the 4th of July
  • The whole plot of the geek going super bad on the whole world is unbeatable

Yes its trashy, its provocative and its what a movie should be, screw the realism when you make a movie on a comic book people do it wanted style.
I give it 9/10 the extra point is for her tatoos RRRRRRRRRR 😛 sometimes I wish i was a baby in Somalia.

  1. Faisal – yes it’s me – your cranky american feminist blog friend – I took one look at that photo before even reading the post & could have put my head through a wall.

    Male fantasy advertising – at its worst. Again.

    Makes me tired.

  2. I told you, Wanted was smoking hot and the scene where the whole fraternity dies with just one bullet, even Mithun Da films did not have such ingenuity.

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