Time will tell – KP’s first session as a Test captain

Harmison. Not KP, but Harmison. His first over has shivers running down my spine. He is completely compelling to watch. Fast, accurate, scary. When Smith is hit by a lethally hard ball, no-one from the England camp even speaks to him. It is reminiscent of the first morning of the 2005 Ashes. And this, I feel, is KP’s doing – the England lion tattooed on his arm – rampant.


Come to think of it, he hasn’t chosen four fast and furious bowlers for nothing. When Harmison and Anderson have finished, KP still has Flintoff and Broad in his back pocket. If the bowlers fire, this could be one of the most feared pace attacks in the world. So far this summer, it hasn’t happened and I am beginning to wonder if KP isn’t the man to make it.


Of course it is far too soon to tell. Even at the end of today, the end of this Test, it will be too soon. At the moment the captaincy and the ball are both shiny and new, and glory is easily reflected. Only time will tell.

Forty minutes in, I find myself gripped. Only 14 runs on the board, but still no wicket. And that’s where attitude and posturing must end for the fielding side: in wickets. There have been several close calls, mind you, and a couple of muffed chances. The field settings tweaked, for Harmison in particular; now 3 slips, 2 gullies, a shortish leg under the helmet. Still it doesn’t work.


Eventually the breakthrough comes from Flintoff (doesn’t it always?). And then the rain sets in so early lunch is taken. 64 for 1 off 21. The energy generated by the first few overs is slowly disseminating.



  1. He does have a certain cold fury around him….perhaps it can work but i doubt it can be sustained.

  2. He is a predator but it depends on how he can transform the team around him.. time will tell i think he has the makings of a tremendous captain.

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