The last roar?

The Great General, Mr Commando, is going to speak to the nation at 1pm today in about an hour and a half.  Everyone seems to be abuzz with the news that he is going to resign.  Seems that a  Saudi private jet is standing at chaklala to take him away to a life of safety in the kingdom.  Makes me think, is the Saudi kingdom some sort of hereafter for all Pakistani politicians where they go to repent their sins and come back reborn??

My sentiment is one of sadness.  Although it seems that democracy is winning from dictatorship but I doubt if that will be a good omen for this land as democracy comes with false hair, false teeth and many many false promises in this neck of the woods.

Update : Rumors abound will this be another Ayub to Yahya handover?

Lets see what unfolds shall we?

Further Update : Musharraf has resigned!!!

  1. Democracy ? doesn’t sound familiar . Our people are constantly plunged into false promises of an upcoming revolution . Simply out ruling the fact that it is not the majority but the minority that initiates a revolution and a change of thought . It is only with the empowerment of our people can we expect a change in our fate. You were indeed right when you predicted prevalence of mixed feelings post Musharraf . Although I myself have criticized few of Musharraf’s policies , well because we should , but then again the larger picture brings a lot of sadness associated to his farewell from presidency .Here’s hoping this marks the begining to and end towards rivalry politics . If anything even anti-mush people should learn to sacrifice self interest for national security .

  2. will they learn though???? I think he made mistakes as well but he left with a dignity not seen before and that is what struck me. Here was a soldier who fought wars for his country teary eyed when he said farewell to its seat of power. There was genuine emotion there…genuine.

  3. Uff, if anyone uttered the word democracy any more time (I almost puked at Bilwala Bhutto’s press conference) i am gonna to invest in some good quality ear plugs

  4. True faisal ! indeed genuine emotion was there and very obvious. But too little too late i guess . And yea he is lucky he left with such dignity and not like the ritual be headings we have , lol @tazeen soo true I hate him ever since he is been to Beijing Olympics opening gala on OUR money ! I didn’t even bother to watch his press conf !. so the ‘d’ word can only be of benefit to us if we start making effort at ground level. We need majority of educated and political aware people to be able to respect the decision of the majority else feudal lords will prevail inside out . Mush made his fair share o mistakes but he was obviously a trillion times better then Mr 10 % !

  5. Sana,

    Exactly. Someone who was handed the OWNERSHIP of a party in a will, like its a piece of furniture you pass onto your daughter in jahez, he has the nerve to use the D word. and his dad is shameless, pimp him out at every opportunity.

  6. Tazeeen ! I totally agree with you honestly that is the bitter truth . the country’s fate relies on politics passed on like family furniture ! .
    Seriously we need a change of thought , I always emphasis and will always do we need a higher literacy rate . More educated and politically aware people can at least play around with ‘preference if not something perfect then at least better then the worse out there. Zardari=shameless idiot !

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