The Dark Bomb!

After being force fed the hype surrounding “The Dark Knight” and watching with interest how the movie studios used the death of ‘Heath Ledger” who plays the Joker in this movie to their benefit, I thought I would go see what the fuss is all about.

So I went to the local video store and bought the DVD being assured of its quality yadda is the case here in Pakistan. If you want to see something new you have to buy its DVD..which is essentially a pirate print. So with demo print in hand and a bag of popcorn I fired up the dark knight.

Frankly after sitting through the whole movie without batting an eye (pun intended) I was personally quite disappointed. This is the sole problem of hyping a product to this degree, when it fails to deliver it basically reeks where it would have just given a faint smell normally. So why was I so let down by this supposedly piece of art?

  • Forgive me if I wanted to watch this flick for the caped crusader, the Bat himself of whom I have been a fan since childhood. However the Bat has only a minor role in this movie, the major part of the flick is dedicated to the rise of the villain “Two Face” shown through the journey of Harvey Dent the supposedly new hero of Gotham as its D.A.
  • Why in gods name does the Bat speak like Clint Eastwood on cocaine? Who came up with this oddity? Bruce Wayne’s smooth voice and accent get a sudden gruff makeover as soon as he dons that mask? Childish!
  • Ok so Heath Ledger is very good as the joker, in a couple of instances he even manages to creep me out, but I do not think he is any better than Jack Nicholson although he does manage to show a different side of the character, still its hardly Oscar winning. Even if he tragically passed away “Sorry Heath”
  • Plus if any of you have noticed the movie has quite a few production flaws. The fact that the Joker suddenly walks into highly secure places like the meeting of the whole crime syndicate, which is conveniently ready to listen to him. Or that in one scene the lady love describes Bruce Waynes place as the most secure in Gotham and then the Joker walks into his party as well. Hello? Security?
  • No new gadgets!!! Now this is a serious flaw here, no Batman movie is complete without the supposed new weapons the Dark Knight has but we are just given some CCTV shit that anyone with a super computer can rig up and the bat suit looks awful…downright awful. The car is the same as the last movie…whats new?? oh yeh I keep forgetting this ain’t about the Bat. When the Bat has to hookup some sort of device to lift him off the sky scraper in Hong Kong..he hires an old world war II pilot to jerry rig a plane with a hook? please..I am gonna puke!!
  • Also Morgan Freeman with his holier than thou attitude is quite silly. He has a problem with peoples privacy and his ethics all come out when Wayne wants to cctv the entire city but he has no problem with rigging up dummy fronts to siphon funds from Wayne enterprises to “R&D”?
  • The dialogue sucks…no I mean it really sucks, aside from the gem “Why so serious” people say things so weird it makes you laugh.

Look I know its a slick movie to watch. I can also see why people would like it, its a tad menacing a bit cold and brooding as well. However for a purist who has basically 200 “original” DC comics in plastic covers…its a bomb a big dark bomb.

I give it 6 outta 10, it would have been less if Heath was alive.

  1. Well, I haven’t seen the movie,am not a regular viewer but about that hype I always thought that it was Heath Ledgers’ tragic death that is being cashed and today I read your review.Well it sort of second my thought.

    Secondly comparing Jack Nicholson with Heath Ledger well I would never do that.

  2. Ya u are fortunately in the minority. Plus if you liked Wanted as much as you say u did, ur taste in movies is seriously askew. But to each their own.

  3. Dude, Dark Knight is the best movie I’ve ever seen. Heath Ledger has given his best performance. You should watch it in a theatre. why did you get a dvd? are’nt there any theatres in Pakistan which screen this movie??
    Dark Knight just blew my mind!

  4. I wonder what is your idea of a good movie if this ‘dark bomb’ couldn’t get past your rating. Too bad you were looking for errors, you might have enjoyed it.

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