People’s Demand #1

Hey guys, yeh you who are now in power? There is no one left to blame your shortcomings on anymore. So lets have it? The demand of the entire population of this country now is to bring back the original judiciary. Wonder how long they will take to achieve this one?

Oh and by the way if we are shameless enough to try a career soldier in our “current” judicial system can we try our best to make this a free and fair trial? Not the public lynching lord ganja of la aur is talking bout?

Psst next is food and then petrol…better call the wizards from hogwarts we shall need lots and lots of magic to make this all happen now even with mai baap on board. Watch out Osama we are coming for your ass next!!

One comment
  1. *pumping fist in enthusiasm*


    *snarling and tying on a bandana, slashing on the war paint..*

    *sinister grin* – we’re COMING FOR YA!

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